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Our Mission:

is to Create a trusting relationship with our customers,

to treat each pool we service as if it were our own, while treating every customer as a friend,

and to care about their pool as much as they do because....

"A pool full of water... is also full of family memories "

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Pool Cover Pumps & Supplies - Our Story


Question: What makes a swimming pool company better? Answer: One that really does care about its customers and their pools.

The owners story...
As a child I remember looking out at my neighbor's pool with a strange curiosity. Later when I was seven years old I was entering our backyard pool when the water bit me. All excited I told my father, "Dad, the pool bites! It bites when you touch it". What I didn't know then was, the pump that my dad had installed was causing those bites. 

Fate is a funny thing, you see. You never know where it will lead oneself. After attending a Californian college, fate brought me back to New Jersey in 1979. That summer, the dad who installed that "biting pump", and instilled work ethics in me was taken away. I learned from him to work hard and to try to do your best every day. Grateful, I am positive without him I would never have been the man I came to be today. 

The following year I became unemployed, and was looking for a job when a friend of mine told me about a swimming pool company. I applied there for a job and was hired on the spot. My life changed that day as I fell into the swimming pool industry. 

The next seven years were spent learning about swimming pools and educating myself about the business. The job was one that I excelled at and truly enjoyed doing. Then came a point when I was feeling confident and came to realization that if I really wanted to expand my opportunities I was going to have to start my own swimming pool company. I formed East Coast Pool & Spa Service on January 2, 1987. 

Over the next 24 years, East Coast Pools grew beyond where I had expected it to, thousands of pools were serviced and tons of chemicals were sold. 

Coming in with the New Year in 2011 was an opportunity and with the timing right we began to launch a new web site eastcoastpoolsonline. 
(to be continued)

Our business ethics..........

Our Promise to our customers is that we will treat their pool as if it were our own, and them as a friend. We promise to offer value in the products and service we sell. We promise to do our utmost to give them service beyond their expectations. 

Our motivation to be in business comes from within. This grows from our need to provide for our families, while doing something for others. Our reward comes from knowing we provide value to our customers, and that has allowed us to have keep many of customers we had 24 years ago. 

Being challenged everyday solving problems keeps us thinking and gives us a sense of accomplishment knowing we did a good job and had fun while doing it.

What differentiates us from the competition is our true commitment to customer satisfaction, and desire to do every job beyond expectations. 

We try to price our goods and services fairly while trying to give the customer added value in our offerings.

If we think a product is not of great quality or will not exceed our customers' expectations, you can count on us, knowing that it will not be sold. We know that truly great products are based not only on price tags, but rather the quality of the item itself. That is why we offer some of the highest quality pool chemicalspool cover pumps, and other swimming pool parts and supplies found on the market.

What is "Pool Care with a Personal Touch"? 

"Pool Care with a Personal Touch" is the process used by us to help customers make the right buying decisions. Customers buy products and services as they need, want, or desire them. This process uses the pools personality, customers likes and dislikes, in determining whether or not what they want to buy is right for their pool or situation. This process helps the customer make a buying decision that's right for them. We call it "Pool Care with a Personal Touch".

"A pool is more than just its water... its memories "

The Company's history.........
Our company was started in 1987 by Bill Henry, who has been curious about pools since the age of seven. Once he got shocked while entering his pool, and said to his Dad, "the pool bit me". Understanding why the pool bit him would be answered as his future unfolded. 

Falling into the pool business in 1980, Bill began to learn the trade, and in his first week as a service tech he learned why "the pool bit him". He then spent the next seven years learning all he could about pools and the business. At the end of 1986 wanting more opportunity he decided to start his own pool company, and one that would reflect his ideals and values. Then on a cold January morning in 1987, his future continued to unfold as he registered and established East Coast Pool & Spa Service 

Wanting his company to be unique and different, he made up several principals for the company to follow. They are to: "Be responsive to customers needs", "Treat them as friend, and their pool as our own". "Include value added services that can make pool care easier", and to "Offer products that last, and work under stress". To "Find suppliers that share his values, offer support for his business, customers, and will help with future growth". 

Bill followed these principals, working very hard, and his company grew year after year. It grew from being run from a small room in his house, into the 2,000 square ft. store he opened in 1999. After the store opened the company grew at an even faster pace. 

After 20 successful years, Bill sold his company. Then in the mist of the recession in 2009, he took the company back over, closed the store in Turnersville, and moved the company into a new office, got the service company up and running, and rebuilt old friendships. Within months the business was growing again.

He thinks the future of retail is on the internet, but not in its current form. By taking lessons learned in the store and applying them online is in part going to be a piece of the new "online shopping experience". The goal is for eastcoastpoolsonline to be a fun place to shop.